I’ve started this site for a variety of reasons. My husband and I purchased our piece of heaven on Big Spider Lake in the Town of Spider Lake, Wisconsin in the spring of 1985. In 2014 we sold our home in Fitchburg, Wisconsin and moved here full-time.

In the past several years I’ve noticed a change in the governance of our township and it in many ways scares me. It would seem that there are some who wish to “cash in” on their properties or “modernize” our township.

This site was created to give everyone a voice. Not just the ones who yell the loudest, not just the ones who are in power to make changes. Voices to the property owners who value what we have. The pristine and uncrowded shorelines, the quiet mornings and evenings on the lakes, the walks along the road with our dogs or children.

I welcome your input but please know, I will delete any postings that are not in the spirit that this site was intended. We can agree to disagree but it will be done without profanity or accusations.


Fall beauty


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