Candidate for Supervisor Town of Spider Lake last newsletter sent out

Remember to vote on April 7, 2020

I just finished up my third newsletter and have sent it out to the voters here in our town of Spider Lake. I hope that you have found them informative and helpful in making your decision on who to vote for on April 7th. I also hope you feel I have earned your vote.

On that note I want to make it very clear that my one and only promise to the voters is that if elected I promise to do the work required to make informed decisions. That each decision I make will only be done after all aspects are well researched. What are the economic and environmental impacts the decision will have? Does the decision follow the guidelines of the Town of Spider Lake Comprehensive Plan? Does it preserve and protect the town? Have we heard from the majority of our stakeholders, business owners and property owners alike? Have we, exhausted all avenues of research available to us? Then and only then would I be willing to make a decision. A decision based on knowledge, not my own personal agenda or anyone elses.

With only 19 days before the election results I hope to be able to talk with many of you. With the current restrictions for public gatherings we made the decision to cancel our Meet the Candidates event we had scheduled for March 26th at the Black Iron Bar and Grill. So my plan is to call and/or email as many people as possible. I want to hear your concerns. And of course, ask for your vote.

Wish me luck, and absentee vote if you can. Keep safe.

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  1. Emails are good not so sure phone calls will be welcome now that ro bo calls have become such a pain!!!

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