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Long Time No Blogging

I just went back and realized that the last time I blogged was for the April 2021 elections. Wow! How time flies. I really need to be better disciplined in my blogging. The solution, I added it to my daily TO DO list. This… Continue Reading “Long Time No Blogging”

April 6, 2021 Election

YOUR VOTE MATTERS The Town of Spider Lake Spring election is over and we welcome two new Town Supervisors, Mark Johns and Sarah Delaney. Our current Chair, Clerk and Treasurer all won their reelections. The new board is: Tim Sheldon – Chair of Town… Continue Reading “April 6, 2021 Election”

It’s Getting to be that time of year – 2021 Election

Once again it’s election time. This year we vote on 6 April 2021. On the ballot we have Tim Sheldon up for re-election as our Town Chair. I’ve worked with Tim since April of 2020 when both of us were elected to the Town… Continue Reading “It’s Getting to be that time of year – 2021 Election”

New Town of Spider Lake Website Come visit the new site After several months of hard work and many hours, our town has a new website. We worked with Town Web, a company which specializes in town websites, the new site just rolled out last week. As a town,… Continue Reading “New Town of Spider Lake Website”

Bad Blogger

Well, here it is February 2021 and I haven’t written a word since August 2020. That would make me a very bad blogger. My only excuse has been my involvement in the many actions and work being done as a Town Supervisor. Yes, not… Continue Reading “Bad Blogger”

Fireworks – Did you know?

I have received several complaints concerning the use of fireworks in the Town of Spider Lake. Often times the complaints are due to the late hour. Did you know that you need a permit to use fireworks in the TOSL? That you need to… Continue Reading “Fireworks – Did you know?”

What to do, what to do? Ideas for when you are practicing self quarantine.

This year brought us COVID-19. A vicious virus that is frightening in its ability to infect so many, so quickly. A virus that has a high mortality rate. A virus that has brought us to a standstill. Some of us have underlying health issues… Continue Reading “What to do, what to do? Ideas for when you are practicing self quarantine.”

Live each day

In this photo from left to right, my nephew Noah, his daughter, Nevada, my brother-in-law, Don, and his great-granddaughter Addie. Nevada was also Don’s granddaughter and became his sidekick. Where Grandpa went, Nevada was right there with him. His trips to Menards and Home… Continue Reading “Live each day”

Summer In the Northwoods

I’ve been absent here for the past several months. I’m going to plead guilty to getting overwhelmed with new things to learn and do. I’ve come to appreciate just how much work is involved being a town supervisor. There is so much to learn… Continue Reading “Summer In the Northwoods”

Election Results 2020

With the help and support of so many within our small community I was elected as Supervisor of the Town of Spider Lake last evening. Thank you to each and every one who took the time to vote. Tim Sheldon was also voted in… Continue Reading “Election Results 2020”