What to do, what to do? Ideas for when you are practicing self quarantine.

This year brought us COVID-19. A vicious virus that is frightening in its ability to infect so many, so quickly. A virus that has a high mortality rate. A virus that has brought us to a standstill.

Some of us have underlying health issues that makes practicing social distancing and hand washing a must. The downside of all of this is that we no longer have the social outlets that we enjoy. Senior lunches, Bingo, local live music, Friday Fish Fry, book clubs, lunches and dinners with friends. So much more and it is all no longer options.

In speaking with a friend recently she was telling me how she has been having a hard time. She just feels sad. I think many of us can relate to this. We can’t see family who live apart from us. For me, I usually have family up several times during the summer. My sisters and I cook together, play board games, laugh quite a bit and get all the family gossip in.

Now we don’t have that so we feel isolated, sad, and sometimes angry. On these beautiful summer days we want to have people to share it with.

So what do we do? How to keep busy and involved while we are all hibernating in our homes? I’ve tried to put together a few ideas and would love everyone’s input in what they have been doing.

Remember those classes you slept through in high school? World History? Government and Civics? US Government and Politics? Grammer? Well guess what it’s never too late to learn. Khan Academy online courses are available free of charge and it’s fun to find out how much you’ve retained or in my case, didn’t retain. You can brush up on all of those courses and more. For those of you who have kids or grandkids in the house, they have added a whole section for kids projects to do at home. http://KhanAcademy.org

I’ve spent some time going through closets and cupboards. Amazing the things you find that you had forgotten you had. Much of it I no longer need so it’s now in a box waiting to go to the Northwoods Humane Society Thrift Store or Salvation Army. But just recently I ran into someone who told me that both places are only taking certain items because they have received so much. Give them a call before you make the drive to make sure they can take your items.

Are you feeling like this as you start cleaning out closets? I have one that is almost to this point. Time to purge!!

While doing this purge I ran across several blank journals and my “Gratitude” journal. I had been in the habit of writing in it daily but somewhere in the last move it got tucked away and forgotten. So I started a new one. I found it helpful to really think about what I’m grateful for and even more so when things are stressful or I’m feeling down.

I’ve been reading about what others are filling their time with. Some are learning a new language, how to play the piano or guitar, signing up for online courses. So many ideas and now we have the time.

So, what have you been doing? I would love to hear what you have been doing. Please share your ideas.

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