Election Results 2020

With the help and support of so many within our small community I was elected as Supervisor of the Town of Spider Lake last evening. Thank you to each and every one who took the time to vote.

Tim Sheldon was also voted in as Supervisor and our town will be a better place with his service. He brings a willingness to do the work that will provide us with the research and the facts we need before decisions are made. He is detailed oriented and has a desire to see us take our time before decisions that will affect our environment, taxes, health and welfare of our town are made. I look forward to working with Tim and our town governance to make that possible.

Talking with Tim throughout the campaign one thing became clear. We both desire to see the divide that has been created healed. That with civil conversation and debate that we can move forward to find thoughtful compromise on issues that have been so divisive.

I look forward to serving our town and want to encourage each and every person who has a stake in our future to speak out. We need everyone’s voice to be heard. It is only when we work together in unity can we move into the future with our goal of protecting this unique place so many of us call home or second home.

All of the candidates deserve a huge thank you. We were able to debate and campaign in a very positive manner throughout the campaign. It was clear that each of us care about this town and we all were running for that reason.

Now the work begins.

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