It’s Getting to be that time of year – 2021 Election

Once again it’s election time. This year we vote on 6 April 2021. On the ballot we have Tim Sheldon up for re-election as our Town Chair. I’ve worked with Tim since April of 2020 when both of us were elected to the Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors. In August he was elected to the position of Chair.

What has impressed me about Tim is his careful consideration and willingness to do what’s best for our town. He’s willing to do the work of researching his decisions and asks the same of those of us on the Board of Supervisors.

Chelsea Tripodi who is up for the position of Town Clerk has been a joy to work with. There has been nothing that I’ve asked of her that she hasn’t provided me with. It’s the information I need to do my job as Supervisor and committee Chair and Co-Chair. She was one of the driving forces for updating our town website. Currently, she’s working on updating our accounting system as she sees a need to provide even more detailed information to the Board of Supervisors. She went above and beyond bringing the town hall up to date for the Zoom meetings during this pandemic. She deserves our votes.

Kathy Overman is running for re-election as our Town Treasurer. She brings a wealth of experience to the town and is an invaluable resource for all things Town of Spider Lake. She has served on the Board and also on the Town of Spider Lake Volunteer Fire Department. Her willingness to make herself available to the Board for all things financial has been such an asset. She also deserves our votes.

You have three residents running for the two supervisor positions. Mike Lemminger is running for re-election and Mark Johns and Sarah Delaney are also running. Remember to get out and vote for your choice of supervisors. I recommend you call them if you have questions about where they stand on issues that are important to you.

Get out and vote. That is what’s important. VOTE!!

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