New Town of Spider Lake Website

Come visit the new site

After several months of hard work and many hours, our town has a new website. We worked with Town Web, a company which specializes in town websites, the new site just rolled out last week.

As a town, we’ve been blessed with town residents who have helped in the past few years and spent many of their own hours updating our website. We made the decision to go with a Town Web site due to their unlimited support system and their ability at no additional cost to do any postings we require. This will be a huge time saver for our Town Clerk.

My thanks go out to Sue G., Michelle K., and Kathy S. Our three residents who donated not only their time and expertise but their patience.

I hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to your comments and anything you would like to see on there. It is still a work in progress as we develop content and load documents that we know our residents want access to.

I also want to know if you encounter any issues when you use it. I’m excited about this new site because I think it will be a wonderful avenue for the Board of Supervisors to use as a communication platform with all of our stakeholders.

FYI, we’re on the lookout for photos of the Town of Spider Lake. Old, new, animals, scenery, anything that was taken in our town. If you would like to see your photos on the site, please send them on with a signed permission for us to use them on the site and also your name so we can give credit to the photographer.


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