Summer In the Northwoods

Hungry Hummingbirds

I’ve been absent here for the past several months. I’m going to plead guilty to getting overwhelmed with new things to learn and do.

I’ve come to appreciate just how much work is involved being a town supervisor. There is so much to learn and then there is the actual work that needs to be done. That said, I have to give a shout out to George Brandt our retiring supervisor who has served our town for over 38 years in a variety of roles. His thoughtful approach was welcomed by so many of us. He listened to everyone and his votes reflected what the people wanted.

The hummingbirds are once again here in abundance. They empty the two feeders on a daily basis. 10 pounds of sugar so far. I have my Marketplace order in and hopefully I can replace my depleted sugar stash. I find it interesting that they empty the feeders, one at a time.

When we lived in Eau Claire, WI we had a front porch. I started Morning Glory vines by one corner of the porch. I had a small table with chairs in that corner. The vines were so thick and filled with blooms. In the morning while sitting out there having my morning coffee there would be the constant chitter of the hummingbirds in the vine. Often one would fly out and hover in front of my face. It was the perfect way to start the day.

I also need sugar to make some rhubarb bars. My husband loves the bars a friend makes. She sent me the recipe and there was one ingredient that threw me, candied orange slices. This recipe is from her mother’s best friend. They lived in a small Northern Minnesota town. Both women were fantastic bakers. But the candied orange slices threw me. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

My friend has generously shared many of the recipes with me. Like her mother, Mary is a talented baker and cook. When you visit Mary, and her husband Phil, I can guarantee you will not leave their home hungry. We often stay overnight with them when we are in Minneapolis. I’ve watched in amazement as Mary fills a table with food in just a few minutes.

Some people have a talent like Mary & Phil. They always make you feel welcome and offer their hospitality with what seems like effortless ease. I envy that talent. I’m always scrambling at the last minute to have everything ready. We often tease them that they are the 5 star of Bed & Breakfast available in Minneapolis.

Back to work, yard to mow, garden to weed and then a nightly cruise on the lake to finish off the day. I do love summer in our beautiful Northwoods.

What’s your favorite part of summer? Let me know.

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