Newsletters 1, 2, 3 Here are copies of the newsletters mailed out

If you have any questions concerning the information provided on any or all of these newsletters please contact me so we can discuss it or I can clarify any questions you may have.

The purpose of these newsletters was to get more information out to all of our property owners and businesses. Too often we are left in the dark and are not fully informed about what the town board has in mind.

We are also left with so many questions. What research has been done? Any at all? What are the potential costs the town will incur? How are these costs going to be paid for? What is the environmental impact? Do they know? We need for our town board to provide us with well researched and documented information before they make any changes going forward.

On April 7th we will have two new supervisors. I hope that you feel that I have earned your vote. If elected I promise you that I will do the work that is needed for our town to move forward with decisions that are knowledge based, well researched and that our taxpayers have had ample opportunity to give their opinions and have their questions answered.

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