Small Comforts

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There are some small things that bring me comfort and delight during this bout of below zero weather. As I’ve gotten older I find myself being grateful for the small things in life.

Today I am giving thanks to the Croc company. I may have gone a bit overboard but they were having a sale and I bought three pair of lined Crocs. I know. They are UGLY. But when you have all hardwood floors they are a small comfort.

They are also slightly less garish than the first pair my kids bought me years ago. Those are what I call “Clown Orange.” They are the pair my daughter groans when she sees them. They bought them as a joke but I found them so comfortable I wore them everywhere. Guess the joke was on them. At my age I’m not overly concerned what someone thinks of my shoes.

When I was working as a Realtor I had shoes galore. Many of them heels. Those days are over. I can barely make it through a dressy event with heels on where once I wore them all day, tramping in and out of houses as I was touring clients around. St. Vincent De Paul was the recipient of most of those shoes. I happily said good-bye to them. Bring on the Crocs.

Just went on their site and the sale is still going on. I may have to order more because now I noticed they have flip flops. Only shoes I wear all summer.

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