Spider Lake Fire Department Accolades

A huge thank you to the men and women of Town of Spider Lake Fire Department.

On Wednesday evening, January 8, 2020, I attended out Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors meeting. It was uplifting to see and hear from so many residents, Fire Chiefs from neighboring towns and WI DNR Foresters. There were letters of support and some of the Chiefs took their own personal time to attend and voice their support for Chief Lee Nelson and the fire department crew. Thank you, each and every one of you.

The thought of losing our fire department was and is disturbing. They not only protect our homes they also protect the forests that we live in and next door to. They provide much needed support to our neighboring town fire departments. No one department is large enough to deal with a catastrophic fire but working together they can.

One member of our town referenced the communication they had had with their insurance agent. Their agent told them that, yes, rates could potentially increase if our town no longer had a local fire department and was dependent on a fire department that was further away.

Chief Nelson and his crew have done an outstanding job for our town. Please join me in asking our supervisors to approve the September 5, 2019 election of Chief Nelson, Shannon Nelson and Tim Sheldon. We should also encourage them to re-install the Health and Safety Committee.

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