Do you want to lose our Fire Department in Town of Spider Lake?

Every call that our Town Fire Department goes out on holds an element of risk. That our fellow townspeople are willing to protect us and our homes is priceless.

This month has been disturbing. We are witnessing situations within our town government that have been brought about because of one person making the decision that our town governance does not need citizen input by committee.

Previously, with past town chairman and town boards we had a Road Committee, Health and Safety Committee and Plan and Review Committee. We now only have a Plan and Review Committee and the only reason why we have managed to retain that is that our town chairman found out that he couldn’t dissolve that committee.

It has come to our attention that our town chairman has made the decision to try and dissolve our Fire Department and let our Fire Chief go. He is proceeding with this course of action with no citizen input for continuing fire protection coverage for our homes and businesses.

We, as taxpayers, have been kept in the dark. We don’t know what his reasoning is or why he’s taken this course of action.

Here is a list of questions that need to be answered by our town chairman.

  1. Who would provide fire protection for Town of Spider Lake?
  2. What would the cost be to the taxpayers?
  3. What would the increase of response times be with another department providing fire protection?
  4. What would be the possible increase in our property insurance?
  5. Why?

I know from attending town meetings that our chairman and the fire chief have had differences of opinion but is this a reason to dissolve our fire department? One of the primary jobs of the town chairman is to create a positive working environment and a team atmosphere. That can be done even if there is difference of opinions. Respect for our town employees and elected officials is key. Respect for the work they do and for their combined knowledge. Any good manager knows this.

We need good management of our town and it’s resources. We need transparency. We need our committees put back in place. It’s time for all the taxpayers to have their voices heard.

If you are unable to attend town meetings and you don’t want our fire department dissolved, write an email, send it to Be sure to ask that your email be read at the town meeting.

2 Comments on “Do you want to lose our Fire Department in Town of Spider Lake?

  1. John, please restrain yourself from disturbing the functions of the Spider Lake Fire Dept. They are vitally important to our citizens as I can attest to in my own family when help was needed for my husband in his last months. If you have a problem with individuals, please solve it with civility and with consideration for the overall good of the citizens of Spider Lake.

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