Voices of Town of Spider Lake

It was pointed out to me yesterday that some people might think that this site is just about Spider Lake and not the town. I wanted to clear that up.

This site is for the residents, property owners and visitors of Town of Spider Lake. To be perfectly honest, whenever I think Spider Lake, I think town and all of the lakes, land and businesses. When someone asks where I live I say Spider Lake.

We have over 100 lakes. National, County and State forests cover over half of our town. We have well maintained snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails that wind their way throughout the area. There are many rustic and improved camping sites. We are hosts of the American Birkebeiner, Fat Tire Birkie, numerous fishing tournaments and so much more. Festivals, church luncheons, community picnics bring us together.

Many who have spent years only being able to come here on the weekends or during vacation have made the decision that this is where they want to retire. I can’t count the Sunday afternoons when we were leaving to go back to home and work that I would sit at the end of the dock and wish I didn’t have to leave. Now I don’t.

This is another reason I made the decision to run for supervisor. I love this town and everything it has to offer. I want to be able to say that I did everything I could to protect its people and their homes, support the businesses that depend on the quality of the lakes and forests to bring much needed revenue into our town. I also want to be able to say that I passed on to the next generation a place where the beauty of our land and the pristine waters are waiting there for them.

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  1. Well said and so true of so many of us that are ‘transplants’!!!

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