Last day of November 2019

Our skiers are waxing their skis and snowmobile enthusiasts are tuning up their sleds

Wow! Nothing like ending a month with a blanket of fresh white snow. Even more than we anticipated.

We were away for Thanksgiving and rushed back home with new tarps to cover the firewood with. OOPS!! A bit too late. We had been so focused on the weather in SE Minnesota we didn’t realize how much snow had fallen here in Spider Lake.

But no complaints from me. Winter’s beauty at times is monochromatic, the black of the tree branches and the white of the snow. Yet when the clouds part and the sun shines it is truly breathtaking. The brilliant blue sky, dark green of the pines, branches topped with mounds of snow make for a picture worthy of any Christmas card.

Winter also brings back my favorite little birds, Chickadees and Nuthatches. Some mornings there are entire flocks at the feeders. All fighting for a spot. Chirping and diving bombing each other. They scatter to the wind when the very large Pileated Woodpecker makes his/her appearance. The suet feeder gets fairly ravaged when it appears. The Blue Jays make short work of any dry bread or peanuts I put out. I’m pretty sure they have a messaging system that lets the flock know about any new treats. They appear en masse.

Winter is such a quiet time. Walking down the road the snow muffles the sound. But I can hear the bird calls much more clearly or the sharp crack of a branch as the deer are moving through the brush. But soon this season will get started with a new set of entertainment. Skiers, snowmobilers and ice fisherpeople will all soon be out on the trails and lakes. FYI,women also like to ice fish. Check out this Wisconsin women’s group here,

I’m always happy to see snow early and deep. It means that the owners of the resorts, restaurants and stores will have a profitable season. Without the snow it makes it hard for them to survive. Our summers are short. It is also great for those of us who live here full-time. It’s much easier to get your friends to visit when the ski trails are open and snowmobile trails are groomed.

The snowmobile trail in front of our house isn’t open yet. It runs across the lake and I’m sure the ice isn’t thick enough yet. We watch for the stakes to go out before we venture out onto the lake. Be sure to check before going out onto the ice. Be safe.

Enjoy the season!

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