Fall arrives clothed in golden splendor

Upper A Road in Town of Spider Lake

Since 1985 I’ve had the blessing of experiencing the beauty of the Spider Chain of Lakes located in the Town of Spider Lake outside Hayward Wisconsin.

Winter can seem to last an eternity, Spring can’t seem to ever make up her mind, Summer is always too short and then Fall arrives. The summer residents have all gone home and the lakes get quiet during the week. A few fisherpeople during the week can be seen working their way around the lake searching for the elusive Muskies and an occasional pontoon boat cruises by. But the serenity of the lakes has returned.

Early morning brings a mist hovering over the water as the lake begins to cool off. The loons haven’t left yet so their calls are still echoing out of the mists. Migrating birds begin to appear at the feeders and the constant honking of the Canadian Geese is a reminder that winter is on it’s way.

I’ve started this site for several reasons. I love this place and it seems that of late it has come under attack. There are those who feel that this town should “modernize.” That we should do away with long standing traditions and protections that make this area what is valued by so many. The clean waters, quiet roads to walk along, shorelines absent of the clutter seen on so many other lakes, zoning that prevents over development.

I want this site to be where like minded people can come together and fight to preserve what we hold dear. A place where all can express their opinions without fear of being censored. A place where there is respect for one another’s opinions. I will delete any postings that are not in this spirit.

I’ve heard it said, “But on Lake (insert name here) you can water and jet ski all day long.” Or “You can build on 100 foot frontages.” and “You can drive your ATV/UTVs on any town road.”

The Town of Spider Lake is one of just two towns in the state of Wisconsin with more restrictive zoning that was put in place in 1967. To those familiar with lake development and environmental concerns we are living in what is considered “a jewel.” Those restrictions have kept over development at bay. Because of that our property values continue to be stable and these lakes are some of the most desirable to live on.

While we have multiple “Quiet Lakes” we also have the Spider Chain of Lakes that does allow water and jet skiing for 4 hours every day. Sunrise brings out the fishing boats, swimmers, kayaks and paddle boards. At 11:00 A.M. the ski boats and jet skis are zooming around the lake. The screams of delight as kids are propelled around the lake on a tube and the tumbles and falls as they are learning how to water ski are part of the summer symphony. At 3:00 P.M. the quiet returns. Soon you see kayaks, sailboats and paddle boards back out on the lake. It’s a wonderful compromise. One of the reasons we chose to buy our piece of heaven on the lake.

We are now facing a vote on the use of UTV/ATVs on the township roads. Many of these roads wind their way through forest and have no shoulders and in many areas have deep ditches to the side of the road. They have traffic that would have a hard time stopping or slowing for the UTV/ATVs. These are delivery trucks, log trucks, landscaping trucks, vehicles hauling boats and trailers. I will be attaching statistics about the accidents, injuries and deaths in areas that allow them on township roads as they become available.

Another zoning issue that has come into discussion is the change in the Recreational Vehicle ordinance. There are those that want recreational vehicles allowed on properties located in the Town of Spider Lake. We currently have the most restrictive ordinance in Sawyer County.

With each of the issues and any others that arise I will be posting links that will allow everyone to voice opinions, provide information about the pros and cons of the issues. My hope is that all of our voices can be heard.

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